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About company


Joint Stock Company (ZAO) “Gazoil Corporation” is a Russian company founded by specialists in the brunch of promoting equipment and additional services with more than a 8-year period of work in Gas, Oil and Power industry.

Since the very moment of its foundation “Gazoil corporation” is guided not only by business gols set but also by the principles of world citizenship. The company pays particular attention to corporate responsibility to customers, partners and staff that are its target audience. All this is necessary in order to implement the company’s main goal – to give both people and industrial sites the possibility of fully realizing their potential by granting them high-class equipment and technical assistance in order to help them to meet the challenge.

The company specializes on complex purchasing of industrial sites by technological equipment and providing for engineering assistance of deals.

Possessing sufficient resources for provision of continual supply to big plants in gas and oil sectors as well as power industry, the company offers you the cooperation in the areas as follows:

  • Complex studies of technical solutions of end customers
  • Consulting services, choice and realization of projects for non-standard equipment in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners
  • Complex supply with equipment and additional services of different industrial areas’ plants
  • Equipment supply “turn-key”, including:
    • Transportation up to the place specified by the end customer
    • Proceeding with necessary documents
    • Certification of equipment in accordance with the Russian Law
    • Localization of software, instructions, methodic supplied with equipment
    • Supervision of assembling, starting and setting
    • Organization of end customer personnel’s training
  • Representation of foreign companies/manufacturers of equipment and services in Russia and CIS countries

“Gazoil Corporation” Company is characterized by an individual approach to end customer, high quality of the whole complex of works, operative technical and service support.

The company’s participation in biggest thematic exhibitions and symposiums in Russia and abroad, continual increase in the staff’s qualification, participation in technical seminars and training courses in training centers of manufacturing companies – all this lets the company embed mostly up-to-date technologies in the brunch of oil, gas and power industry.